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RED CORAL DIVING (RCD) is a company specialized in extracting and manufacturing authentic red coral.
The company headquarter based in Tetouan city (North Morocco)

The founders of the company are members of The Moroccan national association of coral divers (A.N.P.C.M).

They are also sons of the late Mr. Dadi Bakhlakhi a legend of diving in Morocco.

The first to be given a licence to exploit coral in 1977.

The first to discover red coral in the Atlantic Ocean (Asila. North West Morocco) 1988.
He established the above mentioned association and chaired it in 1995

Through the partnership that links a company and association.

The latter works to spread the culture of diving and the importance of marine environment.

Through its activities. It also indeavors to indoctrinate future generations the manufacture of coral in order to preserve this distinct cultural heritage and promote traditional crafts in general.

The company has the most experienced creative handicraftsmen in the manufacture of coral jewelry
Our designs in which corals are combined with gold and silver are authentic modern which makes the product unique.

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