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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we manufacture Mediterranean red coral, mainly from Morocco in our factory in Tetouan.

Coral artistic handiwork from Tetouan, as that from Asilah, Tanger and other towns in northe Morocco, is greatly superior to the oriental production, for its imaginative carving. However, it must be said that excellent coral branch carvers are also present in China and Japan, where they use technical know-how passed down from the 18th century.

With carving, coral is carved according to the end-user’s requests, i.e. a cameo carving with figures, animals, leaves, amphorae, etc. In the smooth treatment, instead, coral is not carved in any way and remains “smooth”, i.e. rounded or tube-shaped.

 It’s always best to rely on the experts, given that some imitations are made using coral powder which may deceive someone without sufficient competence on the matter.

The “deep red” and angelskin” qualities are by far the most sought-after and expensive. Jewelers all over the world create marvelous jewels using these two qualities, in combination with bright red coral in the same pieces of artwork

Demand has remained practically stable in the last 10 to 20 years. The most sought-after jewels remain complete sets composed of earrings, bracelet, brooch and necklace, possibly still in their period jewel cases. In addition to coral carved bracelets representing flowers, female figures and animals.

The Moroccan are definitely the most sophisticated among collectors, as they are greatly prepared on the matter, much more that any of the foreign enthusiasts. Foreign researchers are mainly from the U.K. and France. Their passion for coral dates back to the 19th century when they used to buy corals in Tanger or Asilah during their Grand Tours of Morocco.

Recently red coral horn, used as pendant or lucky charm, is very trendy among young people. It was used also by famous stylists like Dolce & Gabbana and famous soccer players, like the Nakata and David Beckham. Red coral branches, used as pendant or brooch, are becoming quite popular too.

Price depends from weight, size, color, quality and artist name if carved.

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